Currently, I have been posing indirect questions about connections by curating images, objects, and subjects in a place/space to converse with each other. I work as the intermediary or facilitator acting accordingly to the material agency of materials and symbols. I am a host, I do not know everything about the subject but I know enough to introduce them to another subject I encounter, acting on a small similarity to help flourish an interesting talk about them.


I met a pink triangle in class one day, I wasn't sure whether we would make good friends, I told them, "Hey you are cool and I want to gravitate towards you." They said, "Sure but know there will be times when you wont understand what I am saying but stick it out and maybe you can introduce me to some of your friends."

I waited a bit.

Ether came and I was lost. I was a navigator; I was up looking down guiding things that knew their way, nudging them, but if they meet up with something else I could not hear them. I was reading their mouths, as I struggled to hear. Preoccupied with my omniscience, yet I was a spectator waiting to see what will happen. 

So I came back down . . .

Center stage inside the tent, I was standing being a ringleader, but boy do I want to sit down see the spectacle. I had to sit behind the curtain where the stage took different forms. Peering out to see whether people could understand my friends and acquaintances. I was interested in speaking to the actors. 

The tent turned in an auditorium, with the limelight on the floor waiting to be occupied. 

I was pointing out to the audience asking them to come up and speak

I walked out on the stage setting up a round table, I talked to the walls to see if they would talk back, but they talked to another friend, found photos (an odd one, kept changing but always a rectangle), they hit it off and I smiled listening to what they had to say.

I was back and forth having to negotiate whether some friends needed help, sometimes they needed a little something, I dressed them up embellishing them to be enticing, where they could be non-sequitur to the overall conversation, but hook line and sinker some random person was listening to them.

They hit it off and I smiled listening to what they had to say.